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210 S D St
Oskaloosa, IA, 52577


Deals & Pricing

Living in or around a town served by MCG means you don’t have to settle for less. You are the reason we built a Fiber network! We wanted you to have THE BEST Internet, Digital TV and voice products right where you live or work. Now you do.

Rural electrification was a game changer in 1936. Gig Internet may have a similar impact for the people who have it. “Gig” Internet means 1,000Mb Internet. For comparison, today most MCG residential customers have 25Mb. 

Practically speaking, your Internet should never seem ‘slow.’ If it does, please give us a call, and we’ll give your Internet a check-up. Then, you can connect all your devices, watch TV & stay connected and never slow down because of your Internet. 

You might not need Gig Internet yet, but likely, sooner than you think, you’ll need Gig or close to it. Why? Because how we use the Internet will increase dramatically in the coming years. Our Internet use will demand VERY large amounts of information to be sent and received quickly. Gig Internet will be as critical as running water or electricity. 

The days of buffering videos & spinning wheels are over. You deserve the best and MCG delivers!

Upgrade to GIG! Get the Upgrade FREE for 30 Days!

You want value when you spend your money on technology solutions - and MCG delivers outstanding products and value with our Internet, TV and phone service. Check out our pricing below - using the buttons for Oskaloosa, Indianola or our Business pricing.