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210 S D St
Oskaloosa, IA, 52577


Fiber to YOUR place

fiber cable 2.jpg

Less than 5% of the customers in Iowa have their communication services delivered right to their home or business on fiber optics.

When you get your Internet, Digital TV and Digital Voice services from MCG you are part of the select group that DOES have fiber.

Beyond that, MCG delivers the fastest and best Internet in Iowa - with 25Mb as BASIC Internet for residential customers. And the Digital TV and Digital Voice services we provide are equally world class. 

Business customers hold a special place in our heart because that is why MCG was founded in the first place. Our parent company, Musco Sports Lighting, needed better communications and Internet services and when they could not get the current providers to deliver the services they needed - MCG was formed to raise the level of service all customers in our communities receive.