Fiber Internet

Available in Oskaloosa, Beacon, Cedar, Lake Keomah,
New Sharon, University Park, Montezuma & Lake Ponderosa

You want to get stuff done - at home or at work. MCG's Fiber Internet delivers what few others in Iowa can: 25Mb basic Internet, with 25Mb upload speed. Still not fast enough? Get our high speed Gigabit Internet and don't worry about speed ever again!

What will MCG's high speed Gigabit service do for you? In a multiple device household, Gig will give you better user experience. Most homes today have 7 to 25 Internet connected devices. If three or more of them are steaming audio or video you'll appreciate Gig. It makes all your Internet work better - movies in HD or 4K, working with pictures, participating in a video chat with Skype or FaceTime, doing online gaming, and more. Zero Touch Internet is included with your Internet service…learn more about Zero Touch WiFi below.  

Wireless Internet

Available in rural Mahaska County including the communities of Fremont & Leighton, What Cheer & rural Keokuk county

Reliable Internet is no longer a luxury, it's a requirement and now it's here with MCG Wireless Internet.

With our unlimited, no contract Internet service, you can stream, work or play using your computer, tablet, smartphone or smartTV. 

PLUS, our Wireless Internet also includes Zero Touch Service too so you can have great WiFi in addition to your Wireless Internet service!

Call today to see if MCG Wireless Internet is available to you.


Watch Tower Installation at Leighton

Learn About Wireless Installation


Zero Touch Service

Free with all Internet connections

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What We Do:

  • Set up your WiFi router

  • Manage your WiFi router

  • Update your WiFi router

  • Make sure it works perfectly

  • Priority support

What You Can Do:

  • Connect all your devices

  • Sit back & enjoy your Internet

Zero Touch WiFi Internet is included with your Internet service! Your great WiFi our responsibility!