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We're bringing you fiber!

What that means to you:

  • You are connected with a future-proof fiber network

  • You receive world class service

  • We'll work with Montezuma & Lake Ponderosa to support the local community

We're excited to be adding the Montezuma & Lake Ponderosa community to our family. Click on the 'Check Our Montezuma & Lake Ponderosa Progress Here' button below to pull up a map showing where we will be building our fiber network.

We plan to begin installing service to businesses around the square in March 2019.

In spring and summer of 2019, we will move to the Lake Ponderosa area.

In the fall of 2019, we plan to move back into Montezuma to complete the rest of the city. See info below or Check Our Progress.

Ready to be a member of the MCG family?
Call 641-501-6000 to be one of the first connected!

Ask Your Neighbors . . .

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“As a business owner, communication is everything, especially when you're located in rural Iowa. It can be hard to find a reliable way to do business.  

DeJong Manufacturing needed an extremely reliable and fast Internet service to effectively communicate with customers and vendors around the world.

After years of slow and unreliable Internet service, we reviewed all options available to us, which unfortunately is very limited in New Sharon Iowa, but found MCG fiber Internet to be the fastest and most economic option available. We worked with the locally owned MCG to install fiber to our business three years ago for our Internet requirements.

After three years of use, we found the reliability (99.96% up time) extremely robust. This past year we migrated our voice (telephone) over the same fiber connection, hence all of our business communication to the outside world is done through MCG fiber.

The team at MCG has been wonderful to work with from the planning stages, to installation, to support and communication updates.

Our company ownership believed so strongly in MCG’s product and services, that we asked them to consider offering Gigabit Fiber to our local communities in which many of our employees and their families reside.

Having MCG’s high-speed Internet connection no longer constrains Internet connectivity to the rest of the world and allows our small rural communities to prosper in areas of business to business, education, social and telecommuting.” ~Matt DeJong, DeJong Manufacturing