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210 S D St
Oskaloosa, IA, 52577



Digital Telephone

MCG brings you both local and long distance telephone service at an affordable price. You can choose from 20 calling features or the MCG Calling Feature package with Caller ID and 3 other features of your choice for $7.00 a month.

Local Service
Unlimited local calls

Caller ID on TV
Caller ID on your TV when you subscribe to Telephone and Digital Television service for only $5.00 per month.

All Feature Package
Receive Caller ID plus three other phone features for only $7.00 per month

Long Distance
With MCG long distance, you only pay for what you use. There are no minimum usage requirements or long distance access fees. You must be an MCG local telephone customer to be eligible for MCG's long distance service. We provide three long distance packages to choose from:

Unlimited long distance calling - $25.00 / month

MCG Single Rate -$0.10 / minute

MCG Advantage - $3.00 per month plus $0.08 / minute

Long distance rates apply to calls placed in the Continental US only.