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210 S D St
Oskaloosa, IA, 52577



When we had other local businesses and residential customers ask us about our Internet and voice services, we made the business case to serve our community with communications services. But not just any old Internet, TV and phone - we brought Fiber right to your home or business, in order to bring you the best Internet in the state of Iowa. 

We live and work here too - just like you and we want our community to thrive. With a communication system like we have here - you can connect to the world wherever you are in the community we all call home. 


MCG serves Oskaloosa with Iowa's best Internet, Digital TV and Digital Voice services. We got our start when we could not get the local provider to provide the services our parent company MUSCO Sports Lighting needed to do business.


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We are dedicated to ensuring you have the FASTEST and BEST broadband Internet service. So we are investing in new equipment to deliver 1 Gigabit (1000Mb) Internet to your home. Check out the map below that shows where are installing Gigabit equipment.  We value your experience with our product, so our staff is ready to help you get the most from the BEST Internet in Iowa!